JUMBO LOVE© Henry Khudyakov

22 March–19 May 2019

Exhibition Overview


Henry Khudyakov, Flag and I, 1985-2014. Collage on canvas.

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with Tabakman Collection presents «JUMBO LOVE©Henry Khudyakov» — the first solo exhibition of Henry Khudyakov to be held in Russia. The retrospective includes Khudyakov’s artworks and memorabilia from his career such as artist’s books, documentation of performances, video interviews, archive materials and photographs. The show can be regarded as a journey interspersed with the artistic events and artworks that played a crucial role in Khudyakov’s life.

Henry Khudyakov embarked on his career as an artist in 1969 when as a final year student at the Department of Philology of the Leningrad University he worked on developing a theoretical grounding for his visual search as part of his poetic experimentation. Cut off from official publication channels, Henry Khudyakov’s handwritten and typewritten books existed as part of the self-publishing movement, samizdat, outside the Soviet printed media, thus using a social ban as an opportunity for a creative action.

The exhibition traces Khudyakov’s career both as a poet and an artist, blurring the distinction between such phenomena as performance and visual-poetic language, experimentation and tradition, a work of pop art and an expressive abstract painting. A special place in the exhibition is occupied by recorded interviews with the artist and his poetry readings, which represent a new art form — acoustic performance. Henry’s paradoxical reciting style echoed Bob Dylan’s gruff voice and the manifestos of Allen Ginsberg who called on to read Shelley and Emily Dickinson.

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