Carte blanche to Pascal Convert: Review Bamiyan

17 October 2018–28 January 2019

Exhibition Overview

pascal convert.jpeg

Pascal Convert, Cliff of Bâmiyân, 2017, Platinum Palladium contact print on cotton paper.

The national museum of Asian arts - Guimet entrusts this autumn a carte blanche to the visual artist Pascal Convert born in 1957.

Party on mission in Afghanistan in 2016 to capture the endangered Bamiyan cliff, his work consists of photographic records of missing sites, on the theme of memory and oblivion. The image and the aesthetics of the trace are at the heart of the reflection as well as the relationship to destruction and the passage of time. The exhibition is complemented by archive images of photographs taken in Afghanistan by Benjamin Simpson.

(Photo courtesy Eric Dupont gallery, Paris.)

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