The world Seen from Asia

16 May–3 September 2018

The world seen from Asia

Musee GuimetThe world Seen from Asia

The National Museum of Asian Arts - Guimet is offering for the first time a cartographic exhibition that tells another story of the world, fully embracing the Asian point of view. The masterpieces, famous or unpublished, testify to the richness of the different traditions (China, Japan, Korea, India, Vietnam, etc.) and the fruitful exchanges between the different Asian regions, as well as between Asia and France and rest of the world.

These maps and iconographic representations (paintings, engravings, manuscripts or objects), often relegated to the status of exotic documents, appear here as true works of art and precious historical sources, which shed light on the decisive role of Asia in the process of globalization from the fifteenth to the twentieth century. They show the cosmographic constructions, pilgrimage routes, discovery routes, imperial gestures, urban projects, and colonial expansions, all cultural phenomena and social practices involved in the invention of Asia which, yesterday as today, is at the center of the world.

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