The Art of Living According to Moïse de Camondo

31 October 2018–10 March 2019

Exhibition Overview


Panhard Levassor, Moïse de Camondo in the first car Peugeot fitted with a Daimler motor, 1895.

The exhibition presents a unique archival collection that traces the lifestyle of Count Moïse de Camondo (1860-1935), a prominent collector of decorative art of the XVIII th century, but also a man of his time, passion for progress technical. Follower of the hunt, big tourist and gastronomy joins the Count has left many testimonies of its refined lifestyle similar, in many ways, to that of the high Parisian aristocracy of the early XX th century. The photographs, travel guides and road maps as well as his correspondence, also make us discover his passion for " motoring And his many travels throughout Europe. Finally, dating from the thirties, some plans of tables and menus evoke his taste for gastronomy and his art of entertaining.

(Photo © MAD, Paris.)

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