Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Madrid | Spain

About the Museum

The National Archaeological Museum (Museo Arqueológico Nacional) is a public institution located on Serrano Street beside the Plaza de Colón (Columbus Square). It shares a building with the National Library. The museum was founded in 1867 by royal decree of Isabella II as a depository for numismatic, archaeological, ethnographical and decorative art collections of the Spanish monarchs.

The collection includes, among others, Prehistoric, Egyptian, Celtic, Iberian, Greek and Roman antiquities and medieval (Visigothic, Islamic Spanish and Christian) objects. The building, specifically designed in the 19th century to hosue the collections, is a neoclassical structure designed by architect Francisco Jareño. In 1968, renovation and extension works considerably increased the museum's area. The museum closed for renovation in 2008 and reopened in April 2014. Since reopening, the museum has concentrated increasingly on its archaeological collections, rather than on the decorative arts.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Zarateman)

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