Museo Cerralbo

Museo Cerralbo

Madrid | Spain

About the Museum

Enrique de Aguilera y Gamboa (1845-1922), XVII Marquis of Cerralbo, aristocrat, active member of the Carlist party, collector and archaeologist, bequeathed to the Spanish State his palace and collections after his death. The Palace is known today as Museo Cerralbo and it was conceived from the beginning to have a double function, that of a house and that of a museum holding the works of art gathered by the Marquises of Cerralbo and their children and the Marquises of Villa-Huerta during the numerous trips they made in Spain and Europe.

The Marquis of Cerralbo donated this heritage to the Spanish nation, instituting the Cerralbo Museum, so that its collections would "always be gathered together and serve for the study of the fans of science and art." It is currently a museum of state ownership and direct management, dependent on the General Directorate of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage (Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports).

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Carlos Delgado)

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