Museo Colonial

Bogota | Colombia

About the Museum

The Museo Colonial is located in the Claustro de las Aulas, original headquarters of the Maximum College of the Company of Jesus during the seventeenth century and the Javeriana Academy in the eighteenth century. Since the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1767, it had several uses, which turned the old Capilla de Indios, main space of the Cloister, in one of the most important places of the nineteenth century and a very significant environment in the history of Colombia.

The Museo Colonial offers its visitors a museographic experience that integrates several technological resources thanks to which the visit to the museum spaces is enriched. In the five permanent galleries and through its varied collection of colonial patrimony, mainly from the XVII and XVIII centuries, the museum shares stories around various issues of the colonial life, the continuous transformations lived during that time, and concludes with the traits of this period that persist in our current daily lives.

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