Latin America: Back To The Future

5 April 2018–3 March 2019

Exhibition Overview

Gráfica General en alta Latinoamerica volver al futuro

The Contemporary Art Museum of Buenos Aires | Aldo Rubino Foundation is pleased to present Latin America: Back To The Future, curated by Federico Baeza. The exhibition aims to reveal the so far invisible links existing between Latin American modernistic projects of the 50’s, and present-day artistic practices. From Concrete artworks to their contemporary reinterpretations, this exhibition underlines the existence of continuities and recurrences from country to country, from era to era, thus contradicting a linear approach of chronology.

At the exhibition, visitors will be able to admire the works of art of more than seventy artists – most of them belonging to the museum’s collection, as well as new acquisitions. Moreover, the scenography evokes Modernist hangings, at a time when museums evolved deeply.

The exhibition tackles several issues: the elaboration of new visual languages, the transformation of urban space, new relationships to space and time and the emergence of ambitious social transformation projects.

Between the 40’s and the 60’s, the constructivist avant-garde movements from Europe finally set foot in Latin America. In a region free from the post-war trauma that devastated and ravaged the old continent, these ideas found their promised land: a space to renew languages, arts, sciences, industries, states, cities, that is, all of the areas, both material and intangible, in which daily life manifests and takes place.

(Photo: Gráfica General en alta Latinoamerica volver al futuro, MACBA, 2018)

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