Adictos a Remedios Varo. New legacy 2018

19 October 2018–28 February 2019

Exhibition Overview


Remedios Varo, The Ace of the Wheel, 1962.

Addicted to Remedios Varo. New legacy 2018 is MAM's first revision based on the recent integration of the archive into its collection. From this exercise arise findings of a historical and personal nature that reveal traits of the personality of the painter - her tendency to collect amulets, stones and symbolic objects - as well as the exchange of thought she held with essential personalities to understand the intellectual atmosphere of her time: Octavio Paz, César Moro, Óscar Domínguez, Leonora Carrington and a long etcetera.

The works of Varo that are within this new fund are: As of the steering wheel (1962) , Ascent to the analogous mount (1960) and floral Bouquet ( 1960), in addition to near 250 preparatory drawings and sketches (many of them are works preliminary to oil paintings of the MAM collection), and around 506 personal objects.

(Photo courtesy of Museo de Arte Moderno.)

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