Open Collection. Patrimonials

27 September 2018–31 March 2019

Exhibition Overview

José Clemente Orozco, Self-portrait, 1946.

The Heritage exhibition brings together 130 pieces made between 1913 and 1974: paintings, sculptures, photographs, lithographs and drawings whose historical value makes them treasures of the artistic heritage of the people of Mexico. Frida Kahlo, Saturnino Herrán, José Clemente Orozco, María Izquierdo, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Dr. Atl and Rufino Tamayo are essential authors to evaluate and enjoy the artistic movements that gave international identity and weight to Mexican modern art.

The collection of the MAM comprises a total of 3,036 works, of which 108 are considered heritage and mostly decorate this exhibition. The Federal Law on Monuments and Archaeological, Artistic and Historical Zones, in force since 1972, designates the INBA as the organism of the Mexican State responsible and capable of deciding on artistic monuments created since 1900. In turn, the INBAestablished, among other venues, to the MAM as depository of that artistic legacy.

In addition to magnificent plastic work, except for Remedios Varo, who will receive in October a tribute of his own in room D , Patrimoniales highlight the María Izquierdo Archive, whose custody is in charge of the MAM , and the mural projects of the so-called "Three grandes "(Rivera, Siqueiros and Orozco), to which the little-known María Izquierdo mural project was annexed.

(Photo courtesy of Museo de Arte Moderno.)

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