We Are A Museum

27 September 2018–31 March 2019

Exhibition Overview


Olga Costa, The Fruit Seller, 1951.

The exhibition We are a museum is the result of an unusual collective work, carried out by internal workers whose daily work (administrative or custody in the room) favors a unique perspective. Such vision of equipment, on the part of those who make possible the operational functioning of the MAM , is revealed through 42 works made between 1919 and 2007.

Paintings, photographs, sculptural objects, drawings and heliographic impressions make up four nuclei on recurrent themes in the history of Mexican art: daily life, surrealism, violence and love. Through famous pieces ( Raúl Anguiano's spine and Olga Costa's fruit seller ) and others more sporadically, the experiences and anecdotes that have remained in the memory of the workers weave the unusual domestic chronicle of the collection and contribute unpublished data to the history of MAM .

The common denominator and the selection process was the interest of the public, gathered in the contact with the visitors, as well as the interlocutor role played by the museum between the work and the public. The face of the museum is revealed not only in the exhibitions but also in those who make its operation possible: those who clean the rooms, record the entrances and exits of the works, perform administrative tasks, guard the exhibitions, among many other activities within a long chain of mechanisms that allow to preserve and disseminate the artistic heritage.

(Photo courtesy of Museo de Arte Moderno.)

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