Museo de la Caricatura

Museo de la Caricatura

Mexico City | Mexico

About the Museum

The Caricature Museum (Museo de la Caricatura) was inaugurated in 1987 to preserve, reprint and disseminate artistic works realized by Mexican cartoonists over history. The museum also offers workshops dedicated to cartooning, and other types of drawing. The permanent collection is in one hall on the ground floor, and begins with mostly political cartoons from the Porfirio Díaz presidency. Among these are 65 lithographs done between 1861 and 1875. Temporary exhibitions are held in the other hall of the ground floor, called the Hall of Mexican Expressive Art.

The museum has hosted exhibitions by famous-name artists such as José Clemente Orozco and Frida Kahlo, focusing on their political cartoon work and sketches. They have also recently held themed exhibitions such as "Piracy in the Modern World" and "Cartoons of the 19th Century". The Mexican Society of Cartoonists (La Sociedad Mexicana de Caricaturistas) has an exhibition hall, and also hosts temporary exhibitions, art workshops, conferences and book presentations, mostly on the museum's upper floor.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons: AlejandroLinaresGarcia)

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