Museo del Estanquillo

Museo del Estanquillo

Mexico City | Mexico

About the Museum

The Museo del Estanquillo ("Museum of the Little Shop") is located in the Historic Center of Mexico City, Mexico. The museum houses the personal collection of the writer Carlos Monsivais. For more than 30 years, he was dedicated to collecting about 20,000 objects, which have been grouped into photography, miniature models; drawings and cartoons; engravings and everyday life. Overall, the collection is centered on the life of Mexico and folk art. The idea for a museum was supported by Rafael Barajas, Carlos Payan, Carlos Slim and the then mayor, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The name was coined by Carlos Monsivais himself, since his collection includes various and diverse objects like a small sundries shop or estanquillo. The museum opened on November 23, 2006, with the exhibition, "En orden de aparición" about the identity of the capital from Colonial times to the present day. It is supported by municipal funds.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons; Luisalvaz)

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