Franz Erhard Walther: Objects, To Use

26 January–30 September 2018

Exhibition Overview

Franz Erhard Walther’s first major exhibition in Mexico and Latin America will focus on his continued exploration of body, space and time as materials, sculpted into instruments to be read by the body and completed by the spectator’s imagination. A selection of his early drawings, collages and paintings that evidence an interest in process and material, as well as examples of his first formal pursuits, will be included to show the artist’s evolution towards an object-body-space approach. These works will be accompanied by photographic documentation of both early performative pieces and of later projects from the mid-1960s, which signal an interest in documenting ephemeral and site-specific practices and their relation to landscape. Objects, To Use will also examine the architectural dimension of Walther’s work, as well as the notion of language as essential threads that run throughout his artistic production.

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