Luis Camnitzer: Hospice of Failed Utopias

17 October 2018–4 March 2019

Exhibition Overview


Luis Camnitzer, from the series Utopías failed , 2010/2018.

This retrospective allows us to have a global and contextualized vision of the multifaceted proposal developed by Luis Camnitzer over almost sixty years. As an essayist, art critic, curator, pedagogue, lecturer, creator of objects, actions or musical compositions, Camnitzer focuses on the transforming capacity of art, which he considers in essence a product of reflection. His practice, be it artistic, essay or pedagogic, is characterized by addressing controversial issues of our time, such as the criticism of art-merchandise, the demystification and obsolescence of the role of the artist in the consumer society, the strategies that power uses to impose its logic and perpetuate its domain, or the capacity of neoliberal societies to make education a propagandistic instrument and therefore irrelevant, all through the significant function of language, its ambiguities and arbitrariness, and the evocative power of images. With these tools, Camnitzer seeks to awaken in the viewer the active participation and involvement in the artistic process.

(Photo Courtesy Luis Camnitzer.)

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