Saturnino Herrán and Other Modernists

29 September 2018–24 February 2019

Exhibition Overview

saturnino herran.jpeg

Saturnino Herrán, The Offering (detail), 1913. Oil on canvas, 183 x 210cm.

The exhibition Saturnino Herrán and other modernists makes available to the public the versatile range of genres that orbited his work, today artistic heritage of Mexico. Herrán, famous representative of Mexican plastic modernism, was nourished by international trends to portray both exoticism and symbolism as figures of everyday life and ordinary people, who configured in their paintings an imaginary of the "national soul". This imaginary was nourished by the work of the generation of the Spanish 98 and the Latin American modernism, configuring a cultural movement proud of its syncretic roots and claiming of Spanishness.

The Ateneo de la Juventud, of which Herrán was part, also worked in this direction, to which was added the political factor, the discussion on national heritage and sovereignty that took place in Carrancismo. The dialogue, then, with various colleagues, teachers and international and local influences allows an analysis of the painter's work with a renewed vision, to understand a plastic phenomenon whose symbolism is an essential part of our identity.

(Photo courtesy of National Museum of Art, INBA.)

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