Paloma Navares: From the garden of memory

15 February–22 April 2018

Exhibition Overview

White Hibiscus, Spring Song

This exhibition offers a re-reading from a gender viewpoint of the figure of Eve, a key iconographic motif in the history of art. Curated by Rocío de la Villa, professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, it takes its starting point from various works in the collection in order to present a series of works by Paloma Navares (born Burgos, 1947) created as part of the study that this artist undertook on the depiction of women in important paintings in leading museums. These works are shown alongside others specially created for the exhibition.

The exhibition extends from the 1st floor Balcony Gallery to other galleries in the museum with interventions by the artist that establish dialogues with paintings such as Adam and Eve (ca.1507-08) by Jan Gossaert, and Swaying Dancer (Green Dancer) (1877-79) by Edgar Degas. It also includes the projection of two audiovisuals in which Navares explains her creative process.

(Photo: Paloma Navares, White Hibiscus, Spring Song, 2017, Photograph, 240 x 150 cm)

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