Die in Solo Yael Davids

10 March–10 June 2018

Exhibition Overview

For his exhibition at the Tamayo Museum, Yael Davids (Kibbutz Tzuba, Israel, 1968) presents a project that fuses texts, objects and materials -wood, ropes and glass plates-, works by Cornelia Gurlitt and a series of performances that activate the elements of the installation. Dying in solo revolves around four women with knowledge that were not properly recognized and that, consequently, their lives were marked by tragic events, while their memories were submitted to condemnation: the artist Cornelia Gurlitt (Germany, 1890-1919 ), the writer and poet Else Lasker-Schüler (Germany, 1869-1945), Rahel Varnhagen (Germany, 1771-1833), and Iulia Aquilia Severa (m.222).

In her practice, the artist examines forms of appropriation of historical, personal and political narratives, while juxtaposing different qualities of the objects she produces and bridging individual and social associations. His works and performances intertwine testimonies and reflections on the history of art and dance, writings of artists and a meditation on landscapes and places of political importance, to explore concepts such as image, matter, language, gender and territory.

For Davids, the body functions as a documentary device that accumulates the past and registers the present, as well as one of its main means of positioning it, through performance and installation, as the place where social and personal conflicts converge and arise. Through the interaction between the body, diverse disposed objects and the space that contains them, their work invites us to think each element in a different way: to the body and "its materials" as an abstract cluster of fragmented experiences, and to objects as a series of events and living bodies, endowed with qualities and historical readings.


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