In Search of a Wall

21 April–8 July 2018

Exhibition Overview

In search of a wall, he takes José Clemente Orozco's stay in New York as a starting point, between the 1920s and 1930s, to approach a key moment in history during which a group of artists and intellectuals were influenced by currents such as theosophy, the occult or esotericism. During his trip, the muralist discovered and was part of the Délfico Circle, a secret society initiated by the intellectual Eva Palmer, her husband Ángelos Sikelianós, and the journalist Alma Reed, who sought the resurgence of ancient Greece and functioned as a meeting point for artists, architects and writers - among which were also Claude Bragdon, Anita Brenner and José Juan Tablada, among others - who shared an interest in Greek philosophical ideologies and the Theosophical movement.

The artists and characters that the exhibition gathers were related, directly or indirectly, thanks to this peculiar group that later became and gave rise to exhibition spaces and to the gallery known as the Delphic Studios. In this way, In search of a wall is a story about the evolution and transcendence of the theosophical movement, the development of exhibition spaces and public relations of the time, built through a dialogue between archival material, works of José Clemente Orozco, pieces from the Museo Tamayo Collection and a contemporary work that evokes the figure of Alma Reed.

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