Lenor Antunes

28 June–9 September 2018

Exhibition Overview

From sculptural installations that function as interventions in space, Leonor Antunes reflects on the perception, the history of architecture, design, matter and the functionality of objects and art of the twentieth century. His projects seek to make visible the material and spatial tensions that cohabit in one place, relocating objects and architectural elements in places that are not his usual. In this exercise he tries to give new meanings and meanings to certain elements and places, not only in a visual or aesthetic way but also in a historical one, while trying to generate another temporal and spatial context for them.

His sculptures and interventions transform, in a certain way, the places where they are placed, and explore notions that are normally associated with the architectural, the planned and the built-such as measurement, proportion or scale. Paradoxically, Antunes has a systematic work methodology that incorporates randomness and arbitrariness as part of its raw material, which gives autonomy to the subject and gives its forms a specific meaning.

His exhibition at the Museo Tamayo will present, among other works, a sculptural installation derived from a research on the context, territory and local vegetation, as well as the architecture of the museum, its construction technique and its conception of space.

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