Trevor Paglen

28 June–30 September 2018

Exhibition Overview

The work of Trevor Paglen investigates the role of images today, from the relationship with the digital and satellite technologies that produce them. Starting from the idea that they are images product of military and police developments associated with surveillance, Paglen realizes the relationship between human vision and these technologies or, well, how we see and are seen through them.

One of the main interests of his work is the large number of images that are produced today automatically by software and hardware systems (security cameras or quality review in factories), as well as artificial intelligence (algorithms that determine what to capture or what images to produce from joining together), thus redefining the position of the human eye and the individual as a subject of vision. On the other hand, it explores the origin of these technologies located beyond our own visibility: while remaining present and vigilant, they are apparently beyond our awareness of them.

The pieces included in this exhibition use these same photographic technologies to investigate the interstices between their original purpose, political implications and the domestic use that is sometimes given to them.

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