Tania Bruguera: Talking to Power

12 May–30 September 2018

Exhibition Overview

Tania Bruguera: Talking to the Power presents for the first time all the long-term projects that the political artist Tania Bruguera initiated between 1985 and 2017 and that seek to transform the emotional and symbolic effect of art towards political efficacy. For over 30 years, Bruguera has worked at the intersection of activism and performance art to challenge power structures, devise new utopian models of authority and create alternative structures and institutions that attempt to transform and redistribute power. The result is art projects that take the form of social movements, newspapers and schools - and even resulted in the provocative autonomy of Bruguera for the presidential elections in Cuba in 2018.

For the exhibition, Bruguera "updates" these projects and develops the central concepts that permeate his work: as is the concept of "artivism", a term that fuses "art" and "activism" to suggest that art can change our political habits , and the concept, key to Bruguera, of the art of behavior (or art that changes behavior).

The exhibition traces the evolution and practice of these concepts, starting with Homage to Ana Mendieta (1985-96), where Bruguera remade certain works by Mendieta to situate her in the cultural context and Cuban artistic imaginary of the eighties. The exhibition continues with Postwar Memory I, II, and III (1993/1994/2003), where Bruguera created an independent newspaper as a work of art in collaboration with artists and contemporary critics living in Cuba and abroad. International Immigrant Movement (2010-present) is a sociopolitical movement initiated by the artist who has created a community center for immigrants, and The Francis Effect(2014- to date) a political campaign asking Pope Francis to extend Vatican citizenship to all undocumented people in the world. Other projects include #YoTambienExijo (2014-to-date), a civil platform that peacefully promotes civil, political, economic and cultural rights in Cuba.

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