Francisco Tropa: The Pyrgus from Chaves

22 February–3 June 2019

Exhibition Overview

Francisco Tropa.jpg

Francisco Tropa, Scripta, 2017. Painted bronze, serigraphed canvas, wooden box.

Following the discovery of a mysterious object from the Roman period, Francisco Tropa proposes a dialogue between past and present, contemporary sculpture and archaeology.

Francisco Tropa (Lisbon, 1968) has developed a project for the Conversations Space that brings together contemporary sculpture and archaeology, in collaboration with the archaeologist Sérgio Carneiro.

The starting point of this exhibition is a bronze ‘pyrgus’ or ‘dice box’ found in the newly discovered Roman Healing Spa of Chaves. This unique sculptural object of the Roman period is essentially a tower used to throw dice.

The artist places this object at the centre of his project, evoking notions of time and origins (beginning with the origins of sculpture itself); history and chance; the body, play and death.

(Photo: Teresa Santos and Pedro Tropa.)

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