Museu Lasar Segall

Museu Lasar Segall

São Paulo | Brazil

About the Museum

Conceived by Jenny Klabin Segall, the artist’s widow, the Museu Lasar Segall (Lasar Segall Museum) was created by their sons Mauricio Segall and Oscar Klabin Segall in 1967. It is installed in the artist’s former residence and studio, designed in 1932 by his brother-in-law, the Russian-born architect Gregori Warchavchik. The collection comprises over three thousand items. There are 32 oil paintings (on canvas, cardboard and paper), 54 paintings on paper (watercolor, gouache, pastel), 93 sculptures (plaster, clay, terracotta, cement, bronze, and a variety of stones), 420 prints (lithograph, woodcut, etching, monotype) and 2,409 drawings (graphite, charcoal, ink, color pencil, felt tip pen), including annotation sketches and designs for sceneries and costumes.

The museum’s main objective is to preserve and study the work of Lasar Segall, and make it known by promoting exhibitions and publications. It is an active cultural center, offering activities and courses in printmaking, photography, literature, being also involved in educational actions.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Arte Fora do Museu)

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