Nile Yalter: Exile Is A Hard Job

9 March–2 June 2019

Exhibition Overview

Nile Yalter.jpg

Nile Yalter, Walls. Construction, Demolition, 2018.

Since the 1970s she has been working as a pioneer of a socially committed and technically advanced art: Nil Yalter, born in 1938 in Cairo, grew up in Istanbul and since 1965 living in Paris. In picturesque collages, in montages and videos, the Turkish artist integrates photos, drawings and reports of working people and migrants. Because of her involvement with feminism, migration and repression, the 80-year-old has been rediscovered by international museums and collections over the past five years. In 2019, the Museum Ludwig is now hosting the Turkish artist's first large-scale exhibition.

(Photo courtesy of Esteller Vallender, © Nile Yalter.)

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