12 July 2018–3 February 2019

Exhibition Overview

Photo Politics MUMOK.png

Exhibition view, Photo / Politics / Austria.

The exhibition Photo / Politics / Austria undertakes a photographic journey through Austrian history from 1918 to the present day. The project is being developed in cooperation with the Photoinstitut Bonartes. On the basis of the mumok photo collection, loans from national and international institutions can be seen.

Photo / Politics / Austria tries to visualize the Austrian history of the last 100 years from selected pictures or picture series that show special events or situations: A postcard series of the Palace of Justice Palace (1927), Friedl Dicker's sociocritical collages (1931), Ernst Haas' returnees (1947) or Seiichi Furuya's state border(1981/83) can also be read as part of the panorama of a changeful history, such as Kiki Kogelnik's Straßenbilder Wien (1967) or a screenshot with Hans Krankl in Cordoba (1978).

The film theorist Siegfried Kracauer compared the reality of the camera with the reality constructed by historical knowledge: both media only present the present as a detail. In the exhibition Photo / Politics / Austria, designed by the artist Markus Schinwald, press photographs, interventions, newspaper clippings, posters or film stills function as "Schlagbilder" (Michael Diers), supplementing and sharpening the "headlines" of bygone days.

(Photo courtesy of Lisa Rastl, © MUMOK.)

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