Ute Müller: Kapsch Contemporary Art Prize 2018

20 October 2018–10 February 2019

Exhibition Overview

Ute Muller

Ute Müller, Ohne Titel / Untitled, 2018. Egg tempera on canvas.

In her installations, Ute Müller places painting, objects and architecture in a dynamic interplay that breaks up established concepts of work and perceptions. Walls and pedestals separate from their merely architectural framework function and themselves become work and perception-determining motifs, while images and objects, despite their degree of abstraction, contain references to the real and the everyday.

The seemingly floating walls in the exhibition no longer serve as a mere backdrop to works of art, but themselves gain the character of a work. By transforming the walls from a prop to an exhibition object, Ute Müller makes the fragility and transience of supposedly natural perspectives and values tangible. The irritation of conventions proves to be a strategy of a more precise orientation via perceptions.
Architecture, painting and objects open up a play of references in whose choreography the observers are involved: the frameless paintings show overlapping bright traces of color, which seem to be lost in the darkness of the picture ground and as pictorial and pictorial mirror motifs and equivalents of the undulating into space inscribed wall sections become readable.

(Photo © and courtesy of Ute Müller.)

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