Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

Tokyo | Japan

About the Museum


Temporarily closed for renovations until March 2019, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT), was opened in 1995 for the purpose of research, collecting, preserving and displaying contemporary art created by both Japanese and foreign artists.

The museum includes three floors all of which are dedicated to displaying exhibitions. The third floor shows temporary exhibitions while the first two showcase the museums own collection, making it the largest modern and contemporary art museum in the country. The temporary exhibition galleries are used to present exhibitions on a wide range of genres centered around contemporary art, including architecture, fashion, design, etc. The "MOT Collection" exhibition galleries present exhibitions of work from our collection of approximately 5,000, that have been acquired either for their historical significance or because they are by young artists representative of the current art scene, offering systematic introductions to postwar art history both at home and abroad or arranged according to various themes.

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