Body Game Room - Credits: Luciano Mattos Bogado

Museum of Football

São Paulo | Brazil

About the Museum

Body Game Room - Credits: Luciano Mattos Bogado

The main exhibition, distributed in 15 thematic rooms, narrates in a playful and interactive way, how soccer arrived in Brazil and became part of our history and our culture. It is a museum, therefore, open to the conviviality of all the public, lovers or not of the most popular sport of the planet. Visitor service is a priority in the educational actions of the Museum, which also designs and develops temporary and itinerant exhibitions, as well as diversified cultural programming.

The Museum is totally accessible to the public of people with disabilities and foreigners, having various resources, both physical accessibility (escalators, elevators, floor podotása, wheelchair) and communicational accessibility (audioguias in English, Spanish and blind, tactile models, sensory materials, etc.). In 2013, it inaugurated the Reference Center for Brazilian Football, the first public library specialized in football in the country, with more than 3 thousand national and foreign titles.

Since its inauguration, the Football Museum is managed by the IDBrasil Culture, Education and Sport Social Organization (former Institute of Brazilian Football Art - IFB), a private non-profit entity that provides public service of interest to the community. Part of the resources available for the administration of the Football Museum comes from the State and part comes from fundings made by the entity itself (tickets, rentals, sponsorships etc.). It is a model of management of cultural equipment in force in the State of São Paulo since 2005 and has shown positive results. In addition to guaranteeing the quality of public service, social organizations have been supporting the actions of the State in the area of culture and guaranteeing a successful partnership between public authorities and organized civil society.

(Photo: Luciano Mattos Bogado)

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