Exterior View, Museum of Russian Impressionism

Museum of Russian Impressionism

Moscow | Russia

About the Museum

The Museum of Russian Impressionism opened in May of 2016, in the former Bolshevik chocolate factory. The permanent exposition is based on the masterpieces of notable Russian artists from the personal collection of its founder Boris Mints. It consists of more than 70 artworks of prominent Russian artists such as Konstantin Korovin, Igor Grabar, Konstantin Yuon, Petr Konchalovsky, Yuri Pimenov, as well as selected works by Boris Kustodiev and Valentin Serov.

The Museum of Russian Impressionism is the first major private art museum to open in Moscow and provides over 1,000 square meters of exhibition space, a cinema, a multimedia zone, educational facilities for children, a café and retail facilities. The exhibition space is arranged over three floors, with the permanent collection on the ground floor and temporary exhibits on the upper floors.

The Museum is an adaption of an existing circular storage silo on the site, making it an authentic part of the Factory’s history and hosts annual exhibitions of works from leading museums and private collections. The work done by the team of the museum in the past two years has been recognized by the international art community and it was included as a member of the prestigious International Councils of Museums (ICOM).

3D tour of the Museum of Russian Impressionism: http://vr.prosense.tv/rusimp-eng/index.html

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