Family Ties – The Indian Painters Manaku and Nainsukh

4 October 2018–17 February 2019

Exhibition Overview

Varaha battle.jpg

Varaha battles with Hiranyaksha, Folio from the small Guler Bhagavata Purana series, Manaku of Guler Guler, Pahari region, India, around 1740.

For the first time, the exhibition Family Ties – The Indian Painters Manaku and Nainsukh examines the oeuvre of the two legendary artist brothers by way of comparison. The artist family from Guler in the Pahari region of the Himalayan foothills heralded a turn in Indian painting in the late 18th century.

The brothers Manaku and Nainsukh of Guler are among the great masters of Indian miniature painting. Although they both learnt the art of painting from their father Pandit Seu, their oeuvres are of a very different nature. But it is not only their artistically outstanding work that is of significance: Manaku and Nainsukh are among the few original Indian painters whose names and artistic careers are known.

(Photo: © Rainer Wolfsberger, Museum Rietberg Zürich.)

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