Next Stop Nirvana - Approaches to Buddhism

13 December 2018–31 March 2019

Exhibition Overview

Buddhism Rietberg.jpg

Buddha Shakyamuni, Western Tibet 12th/13th century, brass alloy, permanent loan, collection Berti Aschmann.

Who was the Buddha? What did he teach? What rituals do Buddhists perform in everyday life? These are just some of the questions that a major exhibition at the Museum Rietberg addresses.

Artworks from China, Japan, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia tell of the beginnings of Buddhism in India and its spread across the world, including Switzerland. Select experts and practising Buddhists introduce viewers to key concepts of Buddhism and explain terms such as nirvana, karma, and compassion. Discovery tours for different age groups, a short ABC of Buddhism, as well as playful interventions allow visitors to immerse themselves in the fascinating and intricate universe of this religion.

(Photo courtesy of and © Museum Rietberg.)

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