Pieter van Loon: Drawing in the Heart of the 19th Century

15 February–13 May 2019

Exhibition Overview

Pieter van Loon.jpg

Pieter van Loon, painting in the Louvre, Paris.

This spring, Museum Van Loon presents the drawings of Pieter van Loon (1801-1873). In an age of economic, social and industrial growth, Pieter van Loon travelled through Europe with his sketchbook and pen. His recording of everything he encountered resulted in thousands of drawings, varying from quick sketches to detailed works. He captured people, buildings, everyday city life and technical developments with precision resulting in a beautiful overview of the 19th century. In the coach house, more than 60 drawings are on view, both in frames as in the original albums. The exhibition will be refreshed every two weeks, as the pages in the albums will be turned.

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