Yves Netzhammer. Biographical Slips of the Tongue

28 September 2018–17 February 2019

Exhibition Overview


Yves Netzhammer, Kesserloch 2, 2018.

After numerous exhibitions abroad, the Swiss media and installation artist Yves Netzhammer (*1970) is showing his current work in his hometown of Schaffhausen. Netzhammer made a name for himself in the international art scene with his unmistakable visual language. In 2007 he represented Switzerland at the Venice Biennale.

Upon diving into Yves Netzhammer’s digital universe, we enter a poetic, sometimes disturbing world of faceless figures. These also feature prominently in his new installation created specifically for the exhibition in Schaffhausen. Projected computer animations, articulated elements, and three-dimensional objects transform the space into a multilayered cosmos of images. The main character and alter ego of the artist is a jester in the tradition of the late medieval character Till Eulenspiegel. With anarchic nonconformity, ingenuity, and a sly sense of humor, he reflects on the circumstances, current rules, and conditions of our society using the example of his hometown.

Yves Netzhammer has also integrated the permanent exhibitions at the universal museum in Schaffhausen into his work. With interventions at points throughout the museum, he reacts – sometimes concretely, sometimes metaphorically – to the objects in the collection.

(Photo courtesy of Museum zu Allerheiligen.)

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