Le Corbusier – Lithography

12 October 2018–20 January 2019

Exhibition Overview


For the first time since 1966, those artworks are on show again. In “Le Corbusier – Lithography”, the National Museum expands its focus on the links between Le Corbusier’s architecture and visual art. Whereas “Le Corbusier by the Sea” at Villa Stenersen presents works from the 1930s, this exhibition concentrates on the 1950s and 60s. Similar curved shapes crop up repeatedly in Le Corbusier’s work during this period – in his architecture, sculptures, paintings and lithographs.

In 1955, the international architectural community was shocked by the sculptural and so-called irrational forms of the chapel that Le Corbusier unveiled at Ronchamp. Here that building is seen through the “eyes” of Norwegian architects, with photographs from the collection and press reviews from the time. The lithographs from the commemorative exhibition in Oslo are displayed alongside documentary materials from that event.

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