Up the River During Qingming—NPM New Media Art Exhibition

18 October 2018–12 February 2019

Exhibition Overview

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Up the River During Qingming—NPM New Media Art Exhibition is an exhibition co-organized by the National Palace Museum (NPM) and River City Bangkok, and the NPM’s first large-scale new media art exhibition in Southeast Asia. In order to connect with the urban riverside terrain along the Chao Phraya River in Thailand, this exhibition focuses on the theme of ancient riverside cultures and lifestyles, and presents as its centerpiece the animated version of Up the River During Qingming, the timeless long scroll masterpiece from the NPM's extensive collection.

Through the dynamic representation of digital technology, this installation brings to life the vivid riverside scenery during the Qingming Festival observed in the original painting, and animates the vibrant urban lifestyles dotted along the river, providing visitors with a modern view of the classic painting and a closer look into the everyday life of the ancient Chinese.

(Image courtesy of New Palace Museum.)

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