Margiana: A Bronze Age Kingdom in Turkmenistan | With photographs by Herlinde Koelbl

25 April–7 October 2018

Exhibition Overview

Turkmenische Frauen in Alltagstracht in Neu-Nisa

Margiana – around 4,000 years ago, this historic landscape in eastern Turkmenistan was the cradle of a fascinating and sophisticated Bronze Age culture. Contemporary with the civilisations of Mesopotamia and Egypt, it has nevertheless remained relatively unknown in the West. Now for the first time outside Turkmenistan, a major exhibition at Berlins Neues Museum will make the archaeological remains of this mysterious culture accessible to a wide public. The distinguished German photographer, Herlinde Koelbl, was asked to photograph the archaeological sites, landscapes, people and exhibits – the result is a fascinating symbiosis of unfamiliar archaeological remains and photo art from a largely unknown country.

(Photo: Turkmenische Frauen in Alltagstracht in Neu-Nisa, 2018 © Herlinde Koelbl)

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