Enzo Mari

18 December 2018–10 February 2019

Exhibition Overview

Enzo Mari

This vast retrospective devoted to the undisputed master of contemporary design will showcase half a century’s worth of projects, winding through an exhibition guided by his two main lines of work. On the one hand, the works carried out by “implicit request” – that is, born of a personal, inner need met by Mari with creations that would claim their rightful place in the history of contemporary art. And, on the other hand, the works carried out by “explicit request” – that is, on behalf of companies, public authorities and production enterprises.

The winter exhibition season will celebrate the great Italian masters of architecture and design, placing their work in connection with the PAC as an exemplary monument to our Modernism. This dialogue will focus on exhibitions devoted to Enzo Mari (2018) and Ignazio and Jacopo Gardella (2019).

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