Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Reale

Milan | Italy

About the Museum

Palazzo Reale is Milan’s central exhibition hub; for many years it has curated and produced major art exhibitions for the general public. Based upon its strong artistic tradition that initiated in the fifties, the commitment of the last decade has placed Palazzo Reale at a high level of excellence both for the quality of its scientific projects and for the appeal of its exhibitions. An undertaking that has been much appreciated by the public - resulting in annual entrance numbers that have steadily exceeded a million visitors for many years - and the Palazzo Reale exhibitions are increasingly and resolutely ranked top of the most-visited locations in Italy.Although important, this achievement is not only due to the visitor numbers. The reasons for its success are many: medium and long-term programming, important relationships and partnerships with museums around the world, collaborations with highly-experienced curators, the structure’s increasing competence and the continuous support of the municipality of Milan.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons: MarkusMark

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