Karl Hagedorn: Rhythmical Expressions

15 September 2018–3 February 2019

Exhibition Overview


Karl Hagedorn, Still-life with a Plant, c. 1915-22.

Discover an unjustly forgotten artist.

The paintings of German immigrant Karl Hagedorn (1889 – 1969) are some of the earliest and boldest examples of post-impressionist work produced in Britain. Despite this, his name remains little-known to the wider public.

Hagedorn’s early works baffled art critics of the time with their strange colours and sharp angles.

He believed that art did not need to represent its subject in a conventional manner now that photography could fulfill that purpose. His paintings (which he called ‘rhythmical expressions in line and colour’) were heavily influenced by other European artists such as Pablo Picasso, Gino Severini and Henri Matisse.

(© The Artist's Place, courtesy of Liss Llewylln.)

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