Osvaldo Licini: That a wind of total madness lifts me

Sep 22, 2018 - Jan 14, 2019

Exhibition Overview

Osvaldo Licini, Castle in the air.jpg

Osvaldo Licini, Castle in the air , 1933-1936.

The exhibition celebrates 60 years of the death of Osvaldo Licini (1894 - 1958): it was 1958 when the artist, under the promotional umbrella of the art critic friend of Peggy Guggenheim, Giuseppe Marchiori, won the international grand prize for the painting at the XXIX Venice Biennale where he presented 53 works - performed between 1925 and 1958 - in a personal room set up by Carlo Scarpa. Among the most prominent figures in the artistic panorama of the first half of the twentieth century, after the figurative experience, Licini abandons any remaining realist, to devote himself entirely to abstractionism. With over 80 works, the exhibition at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection brings to life the painting that for Licini was the art of colors and signs, where the latter expressed strength, will, idea and magic.

(Photo courtesy of Peggy Guggenheim Museum.)

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