A Dialogue between Collections: National History Museum and Pinacoteca of Sao Paulo

6 October 2018–28 January 2019

Exhibition Overview


José dos Reis Carvalho, Painting of Ceara, 1859-61.

The Pinacoteca of Sao Paulo will present, from October 6, 2018, through January 28, 2019, the exhibit A Dialogue between Collections: National History Museum and Pinacoteca of Sao Paulo, on the second floor of Pina Luz. Curated by Valéria Piccoli, chief curator of Pinacoteca, and Paulo Knauss, director of the National History Museum, located in Rio de Janeiro, the exhibit features select works from both museums, including rare to never-before-seen large canvas and paper paintings, as part of the program Pinacoteca designed to juxtapose and put a new interpretation on different museum collections.

The exhibit is structured following four main cores: Colonial Art, History Painting, War Landscapes, and Art and Heritage. Brought over from the National History Museum are works by Leandro Joaquim (1738-1798), Manoel de Araújo Porto-Alegre (1806-1879), and João Baptista da Costa (1865-1926), among other artists. Other highlights include pieces by Johann Moritz Rugendas (1802-1858), one of the most notable travelling artists to set foot in Brazil during the 19th century. In addition to a set of his drawings, the exhibit will feature a rare painting named Descobrimento da América, or The Discovery of America, (1820), as well as the passport Rugendas used to travel down to Brazil—a curious article of history that the capital city of Sao Paulo never had the opportunity to see before.

(Photo courtesy of Museu Histórico Nacional.)

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