Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros

Mexico City | Mexico

About the Museum

Polyforum as its name implies, means multiple forum; it is a place where cultural, political and social activities are carried out, consisting of several spaces: the Universal Forum, the Emerging Art Space (EAE), the store, the Youth Forum and the administrative offices. Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros is a museum in itself, the twelve exterior panels of the building and the mural "La Marcha de la Humanidad", totaling 8,700 square meters of the most important and representative sample of Mexican muralism. Its mission is to promote, disseminate and preserve the sculptural work of master David Alfaro Siqueiros and position the Polyforum at the level of the best international museums. It also encourages through art and culture to discover the deep content and the relevant contribution of muralism in the universal field.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons: AlejandroLinaresGarcia)

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