Document Nederland: Stacii Samidin photographs The Café

12 October 2018–20 January 2019

Exhibition Overview


Broederliefde, Café Lavetta, Rotterdam - Stacii Samidin, 2018.

For this commission by the Rijksmuseum for the Document Nederland exhibition, photographer Stacii Samidin captured images of Dutch cafes and bars and their landlords, landladies and regular customers.

Almost every club, group or subculture has its own ‘hangout’ in the form of a cafe or bar. There’s the truckers’ cafe, the cafe for after church, the student cafe, the local sports bar, to name but a few. The interior, the atmosphere and the clientele may differ widely, but everybody goes there for the same reasons: for social contact, recreation and relaxation.

Stacii Samidin was born in 1987 and made his name with ‘Societies’, a series of photographs about subcultures including groups of young people and notorious gangs. He lived as a photographer among the tough street gangs of Los Angeles, and captured the hopeless existence of young people in the banlieues of French cities, families struggling to survive in Nairobi in one of the world’s largest slum areas, and criminals on the streets of Rotterdam.

(Photo courtesy of Rijksmuseum.)

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