Carmignac Photojournalism Award: 'The Trap' by Lizzie Sadin

15 May–1 July 2018

Exhibition Overview

Rita, 17, April 2017

After the devastating 2015 earthquake that killed 9,000 people and displaced 650,000 others, the lives of many Nepalese have been shattered. Unemployment and the precarity of living conditions have risen dramatically since then, leading to an increase in trafficking, notably of women. While in Nepal, photographer Lizzie Sadin explored how the trafficking and forced prostitution of women are not only a result of economic poverty but also a consequence of social and cultural practices.

Sadin met some Nepalese women who experience violations of their fundamental rights on a daily basis. They have little hope to pursue higher education and almost no control over their own destiny and future. Trafficked women live in fear of regular physical and psychological abuse as well as symbolic violence, which are sometimes perpetrated by family members themselves. The current social context, which defines women as being inferior to and dependent on men, and its underlying values, needs evolving for human rights violations to stop in Nepal.

Following Sadin's research in Katmandu and at the India-Nepal border, the exhibition will showcase 8th Laureate Lizzie Sadin's photographs. A monograph of Sadin's works is published by Skira.

(Photo: Rita, 17, April 2017, Courtesy Saatchi Gallery)

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