Sassan Behnam-Bakhitar: Oneness Wholeness

15–27 May 2018

Exhibition Overview

Sassan Benham-Bakhitar

Oneness Wholeness draws on thousands of years of Iranian culture, weaving ancient Persian motifs, patterns and landscapes into large-scale mixed media paintings, to explore Iranian identity in the 21st century. Descended from the ancient nomadic Bakhtiari tribe, Sassan's large scale paintings recall the Zagros Mountains in South West Iran that are still home to the tribe, amongst other subjects. The Oneness Wholeness series features new, previously unseen work that Sassan has been developing for the last few years.

Through exploring his Persian heritage and his dedicated meditative practices, Sassan has used his art as cathartic release, leading him to explore ideas around existentialism, human compassion and wellbeing.

Oneness Wholeness will be Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar's first UK exhibition since The Real Me, his debut in London in 2014.

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