Exterior View, St. Louis Art Museum

Saint Louis Art Museum

St. Louis, Missouri | United States

About the Museum

A home for fine and decorative art spanning five millennia and six continents, the Saint Louis Art Museum was founded in 1879. Today it attracts thousands of visitors each year to its wide ranging collection and innovative exhibitions. The original beaux-arts building was designed for the 1904 World’s Fair but after more than a century of acquisitions the museum required more space and asked architect David Chipperfield to design an extension. The East Building opened in 2013, and was immediately praised by critics including the Financial Times who called it ‘a gem of clarity and deceptive simplicity’. As well as extensive holdings of fine and decorative art from Europe and Asia, the museum boasts a large collection of Native American art, and African American art reaching from the early 19th century to the present day.

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