The Russian Avant-garde. Dreaming the Future Through Art and Design

18 October 2018–1 April 2019

Exhibition Overview

Malevich Red Square.jpg

Kasimir Malevich, Red Square, 1915.

Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum hosts the most comprehensive exhibition in Turkey sponsored by Sabancı Holding featuring Russian Avant-garde which shaped the art world in the 20th century.

The ‘Dreaming the Future. Russian Avant-garde Art and Design’ exhibition does not only focus on the dramatic changes and radical developments that happened during first quarter of the 20th century and prepared the groundwork for intellectual and artistic progress, not just within the Russian artistic culture, but it is designed to hold a mirror to the effect on world art. The exhibition shows the Russian avant-garde artists that in the early 1900s tried to introduce art as a lifechanging power, the ground-breaking work of the artists in this period where the reformist atmosphere had been brought about by the October Revolution in 1917, and the social design they tried to put into practice supported by the new regime and also the wide boundaries of the future they dreamed of. The exciting technological developments and industrialisation that occurred in the early 20th century turned the avant-garde artists towards science and overcoming the boundaries of the earth, dreams of space reflected the beliefs the artists had in the future and this is very vividly reflected in the works displayed in this exhibition.

(Photo courtesy of State Museum of Contemporary Art Costakis Collection.)

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