Sculpture at Schoenthal, Switzerland

Sculpture at Schoenthal

Langenbruck | Switzerland

About the Museum

Sculpture at Schoenthal is an art foundation in Switzerland. It is named after the Schönthal Monastery, a former church near the village of Langenbruck, Basel-Landschaft, which is now used for temporary art exhibitions. An array of sculptures, including some by well-known artists, is dotted around the monastery area and the surrounding countryside.Sculpture at Schoenthal was opened in 2000 as a "cultural meeting place" incorporating the monastery and surrounding area, with the motto "Art and nature in dialogue". The following year its founder, John Schmid, transferred the entire set-up to the newly established Sculpture at Schoenthal Foundation. The historic building now serves as a gallery for temporary exhibitions and as a seminar venue.

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