Exterior View, Sifang Art Museum

Sifang Art Museum

Nanjing | China

About the Museum

The Sifang Art Museum is an integral part of the Sifang Parkland, formerly known as the China International Practical Exhibition of Architecture. The project is the result of an immense collaborative work, commissioning over twenty award-winning architects and artists over the course of ten years to construct a complex comprised of functional spaces, as well as permanent and temporary art exhibition venues. The estate offers the architects and artists unique circumstances and opportunities for developing and showcasing their works inside this beautifully preserved forest area. The Sifang Parkland is a tribute to contemporary art and architecture. Based on a diverse collection of international and Chinese contemporary art, the museum, designed by Steven Holl, holds high quality, changing curatorial exhibitions throughout the year. It aims to introduce the newest forms of art and to contribute to the growth of public appreciation for contemporary art.

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